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Green Provence

The Provence Verte reveals a palette of enchanting treasures. Its picturesque villages, such as Correns and Cotignac, reveal the soul of Provence through their winding streets and shady squares. The Provencal art of living permeates every corner, with colorful markets where local scents and flavors intermingle. The landscapes are an ode to nature, between vineyards, olive groves and wooded hills. Gorges, forests and rivers sculpt a breathtaking landscape. Green Provence, a harmonious blend of culture, nature and tradition, promises an unforgettable adventure.

Les Gorges de Pennafort Exceptional landscapes

The Gorges de Pennafort, a few minutes from the estate, offer a captivating natural experience.

Their majestic cliffs, the lush vegetation and the gentle murmur of the river create an ideal setting for hiking and to contemplation. A soothing break!

Between turquoise water and green nature Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon amaze, seduce and make you dream with their grandeur and wild beauty.

Cut into the limestone rocks, they form a spectacular canyon where the turquoise waters of the Verdon meander below.

Hiking, kayak or simply contemplation from the belvederes, activities abound. 

Between dizzying cliffs and untouched nature, the Gorges du Verdon embody one of the natural wonders of Provence Verte. 

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Tasting & Discoveries The wine route

Travel the prestigious Provence wine route, an invitation to taste discovery departing from Domaine Villa Verde.

Lined with picturesque vineyards, this route offers enchanting landscapes where the hillsides undulate under the Provençal sun.

Taste wines in renowned estates, immerse yourself in the art of viticulture and let yourself be seduced by the aromatic richness of local grape varieties. 

A taste adventure that celebrates the authentic terroir of Provence.

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Between walks and hikes The Estérel Massif

Explore the wonders of the Estérel Massif, located near the Villa Verde Estate.

This land of contrasts invites you to walks and hikes through breathtaking landscapes.

The volcanic rocks tinted with red and ocher blend with the blue waters of the Mediterranean, creating a striking setting.

Walk along shaded paths, discover secret coves and let yourself be immersed in the natural energy of this captivating massif.

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Nautical base & Nature walk Lake Saint-Cassien

The Saint-Cassien Lake, a few steps from our campsite in Provence Verte, offers a breathtaking natural spectacle. 

Surrounded by green hills, this peaceful lake seduces with its crystal clear waters and its relaxing ambiance.

Enthusiasts of nautical activities will find what they are looking for in the nautical base: canoeing, pedal boats, swimming and much more.

Enjoy a sunny day to relax on the developed beaches, admire the surrounding wildlife or go on an adventure on the water.

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